Thursday, 24 March 2016

Millenium Centre Kayaking and Life Saving Videos

Hi Everyone

Due to the large amount of videos I shot during the Life Saving and Kayaking sessions (x13) and trying to get all my children on our blog I have not labelled them all as there are often more than 1 child in each video.

I hope you enjoy going through the videos they are around a minute long each....see if you can spot your child!!!

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves including my wonderful Dads, Mike (Lily's Dad), Graham (Sophie's Dad), Aden (Lauren's Dad), Glen (Ryan's Dad). A big thank you from Room 16 children and Whaea.  Also a special thank you to Matt (Kobi's Dad) who supported R20.  You Dads rock!!  

No doubt everyone children, Dads, and Whaea had a well deserved sleep last night!!!!!

Also a special thanks to the Instructors of the Millenium Centre, another successful year.

To my children in Room 16, Whaea is so so proud of you all especially to those who were a wee bit did well and gave everything a go....Kapai to mahi.

Have a safe Easter and see you all next Thursday - yaaay more learning to do!!

Nga mihi nui

Whaea Tearani
PS I will do another post containing the final 7 

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  1. Room 16 Mike Lily's Dad says a huge thank you for having him along. He really enjoyed helping everyone in the pool.
    Ange, Lily's Mum has really enjoyed watching the videos and photos. I kept watching lily trying to tip in her boat and was so excited to see her make it over. Great video. It looked like so much fun!!